CASCADE research group

CASCADE is a interdisciplinary and collaborative research group supported by the partners Technische Universität Darmstadt, Fraunhofer Institute SIT and BSI, cooperating within the scope of the CASED security research cluster.

Our fields of interest targets side channel analysis, physical cryptanalysis and cryptographic engineering in terms of secure and trustworthy system design. The acronym stands for "Constructive Attacks | Side-Channel Analysis | Secure Design". The research group bundles expertise of researcher from different areas. We bring together computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, attackers and designers, exploiting synergy effects.

The research group CASCADE is interested in physical cryptanalysis and all classes of side-channel attacks (power attacks, timing attacks, cache attacks etc.). We develop new analysis techniques and new attacks as well as improving known attacks. Moreover, we concentrate on the cryptographic engineering of secure systems and on new design methodologies. Our main focus lies on constructive side-channel analysis. Constructive Side Channel Analysis means the synthesis between attack and design. In particular, this comprises the constructive use of side channel information by combining advanced stochastic methods with design methods and effective countermeasures.

With our research, we support both, academic and industry partners with a broad basis of know-how and a modern laboratory. We perform high sophisticated attacks and a variety of theoretical analysis and practical evaluation of security/safety critical applications and devices. 


Prof. Dr. Werner Schindler
Principal Investigator
phone: +49 6151 16 70472

Mr. Michael Kasper
phone: +49-(0)6151-16-50755

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